Sunday, November 30, 2008

Alittle About Me

Since this is my first blog I guess it would be good to tell you alittle about me and my family.

My husband and I took our wedding vows on October 30, 1993 what a wonderful day that is was, a day that I will never forget because I was finally able to marry this man that I loved so much and we were going to be a family. I was 3 months pregnant with my son when we got married and I was so excited, I thought now I am married and in a few months I am going to have this beautiful baby and then I can start being the homemaker and mother that I had dreamed of being. My husband worked in the coal mines here in West Virginia and he made really good money so we thought that we were right on track and that there was nothing going to stop us from being this perfect family, well little did we know God had different plans in mind for us and it was going to be a very rough road that we were going to have to travel....

Well all I can say is that our honeymoon was very short lived, 3 weeks after we were married my husband was laid off of the mines and so there we were no job and a baby on the way, we had just moved into our apartment our wonderful, beautiful apartment that I had worked so hard to make the way I liked it and now there was no money coming in and bills and rent were do, so we had to make a very hard decision which was to leave my little apartment that we loved so much and move in with my parents while my husband looked for another job and we got back up on our feet.

Well I can't speak for anyone else that has ever had to live with their parent's after marriage but I can tell you for me and my husband it was not easy, and I am sure my parent's felt the same way, even though they tried so hard to make the best of the situation. Well my husband found work in construction and so we thought ok here we go, God has provided us a job, now all we have to do is save up enough money to get us another place to live and get our finances straightened back up and we were sure we would be back in our own home before the baby was due, well no that is not what happened.

On Feb. 22, 1994 I went into premature labor 3 months early and was rushed to the hospital. They were able to stop the contractions for 3 days, but on the 25th my beautiful tiny son Andy was born weighing 2 lbs and 2 oz and he was 14 1/2 inches long. I won't go into details of his hospital stay because it consisted of 14 months in the hospital with many many ups and downs before he was well enough to come home to us. He developed Cerebral Palsy and became deaf due to his prolonged illness but he is such a wonderful blessing to us and we are greatful everyday that God gave him to us.

As I am sure that you have probably figured out with Andy being in the hospital so long we did not have the time to look for a place of our own and with the expense of staying at the hosptial that long it always seemed to eat up any extra money that my husband made. SO after Andy came home we were back in the same situation as we were before, having to live with my mom and dad.

Well me being firm in the belief of not using birth control It was no sooner than we got home and things calmed down that I got pregnant with my soon to be daughter. (Might I add by this point my husband is so stressed that he starts to loose his hair LOL) We were determined however to be in our own home before she was born, and with the help of my loving parents we were able to move into our new single wide trailer 3 weeks before she was born. On Feb. 17, 1996 Olivia came into the world a healthy and on time 6 lbs. and 11 oz. and was 21 1/2 inches long, with beautiful red hair.

Well to wrap this up let just say that it has not been easy, we still have faced so many challanges in our family, and even though things turned out very differently in real life my dream is still the same, I long to be the best Christian homemaker, wife and mother that I can be, and that is what this blog site is going to be about. I will share my experiences, trails, failures, and my victories with you, along with anything that I think my help you if your desire is to also be a Christian Homemaker.

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