Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Amazed How Wrong People Are About The Catholic Church

I went to an RCIA class last night and there was a new person there that had started class, and I was very interested in what he had to say about his Religious background because he had came from a Baptist church just like I had and his experience with that kind of denomination was the same as mine. He to had been brought up with teaching's that the Catholic church was wrong, and that he should stay away from them and he like I just could not understand where they were getting all this misinformation from that they were teaching everyone.

I know that preachers and teachers from other denominations that think ill of the Catholic church mean well when they are telling their congregations this stuff but I find it sad because they are just teaching and preaching the misinformation that they themselves have been taught, rather than seeking out the truth by talking with a Catholic or visiting a Catholic church they just rely on what they have been taught, even though it is wrong. For example I was raised up being taught that Catholics worship Mary which is so not true, they teach that we worhsip the statues in our Parish which is not true, they are there to help us remember all the wonderful Saint's that have went on before us, we see them and we learn about their faithful lives ot Jesus and it helps us to want to be more like them. They teach that the Eucharist is not the real body and blood of Christ when it is clear in the Bible that Jesus said take this and eat for this is My Body and take this and drink for this is My Blood, if God had meant it as a symbol He would have said this is a symbol of My body and blood but he didn't so it is clear what He is saying.

There are many other things that Protestant churches teach saying that the Catholic church is wrong which can be dismissed if people would just read their Bible but rather than search out the answers for themselves they choose to accept the misconceptions that their preachers and teachers tell them as the truth. I have never hear my Parish Priest refer to Protestants as being wrong or unchristian they refer to them as sisters and brothers in Christ how sad it is when Protestant churches can't do the same just because they choose to believe untruths about the Catholic Church.

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