Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Love For The Catholic Church

I can't say enough about my love for The Catholic Church, it is my life, I feel so much peace when I am there. And living in such a anti-Catholic area I feel like I am safe at home when I spend time in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. In the short time that I have been there I have felt more love and acceptance than I ever have in any other church that I have been to, Catholics truly love one another and they are always there for one another and that is something you don't find everywhere.
I was adopted when I was 3 and I was given to such a wonderful family my father and my mother (may she rest in peace) love me so very much and there is no way that I could love them anymore than if they were my natural parents. After my mother passed away I felt so very alone, even though I had my father, husband and children I still felt so alone. Even though I loved everyone in the Baptist church that I went to at that time, I still always felt so out of place, like I did not belong, and after my mother died that feeling seemed to intensify greatly. There was something that I could not figure out that was wrong in my life and it was at that time that I knew that I needed to search out what it was, and God finally lead me home to the Catholic church.
From day one I have been accepted and loved in the Catholic Church, the members there are my family (my church family) and I love each and everyone of them so very much. I wish that others could experience that love like I have but they won't open their hearts to receive it, rather than seeking out the truth about the Catholic church they choose to keep believing the lies that they have been told all of their lives, and to a degree I feel like I have been cheated all of these years because for the longest time I believed those untruths about the Catholic church, oh how wrong I was. But I am so thankful that God has opened my eyes to the truth about this wonderful Church. It is my prayer that others will soon discover the beauty and truth in the One True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

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MamaNavy Brat said...

Wow you're gonna make me cry with some of what you have written. My grandmother was raised catholic, married a protestant and then raised her kids methodist. My mother is very anti catholic though despite many of our relatives being catholic. I got divorced a few years ago from a preachers son whose parents were some of the worst gossip mongers and hateful people I have ever met. Now I'm dating the guy I always hurt over losing (when I was just turning 17) who is catholic (my parents don't know) and has 4 kids, I have 3. He was married by a JP in his first marriage. Now I'm kinda reading things that I didn't before (when wanting to understand my own relatives more) and getting even more of an eye opening than I did before. I was pleasently surprised when looking at my blog following to see you were catholic and mossied on over here to read what you had to say. Proud to be your first commentor.